About Me

About Me

Welcome to my blog. I'm passionate about introducing potent amulets and objects obtained directly from the source/maker to assist people in achieving their true potential in life. For those seekers on the path and you're seeking a talisman, amulet, charm, wicca charm, magick item, then you've come to the right place.

If you're looking for something beautiful to wear that will also help you in your life you've also come to the right place. Your necklace/pendant shouldn't just look beautiful but it should also help you.

For those of you that are practicing occultist I plan to introduce you to more possibilities to assist you in your practice. Along the way I will have articles amongst products for sale or "rent" as people call it in Thailand.

Whether you're the solo magic practitioner or belong to a certain magick group my intention is to introduce the world of Asian Visha (Wicca) to you. Our journey will start in Thailand where the people here are most renown in Asia for generating various magical objects for the use of many. Thai charms are renown for the potency and efficacy. Enjoy the blog and if you have any further inquiries about the items listed contact me at :namobuddhaya6@gmail.com

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