The extremely rare Powerful Charm Powder Love Potion To Put In Food Of Target (extremely rare)

About the master: Ajahn Pooyin is a low key master. We have seen many Ajahn’s in our time searching Thailand. Amongst them are Sakyant Masters, Black Magick Masters, White Magick masters, and within that there are specialities. Almost like doctors in the field of medicine. Some speicialize in healing people, some specialize in protection magick, some on doing harm to others (revenge), some on amulets and even within that different types of amulet specializations. To find a master that makes charming powder like this is quite rare, although it is heavily used in South East Asia. So masters like these are only known from word of mouth and remain relatively unknown, most Ajahn’s that are famous are Sakyant (Tattoo) and Amulet specialists, they become famous because the are talked about the most online or should I say written about most as many people get to know about them through amulet sellers. Ajahn Pooyin only makes love amulets, oils and powders, hence like in any specialist job, when a person is a specialist in something they become experts in that topic more so than other general practitioners.

Items like these are created by Ajahn's in Thailand but are very hard to come by mostly because they are quickly grabbed up by their followers.

The word “MahaSaney” connotes sexual charm but it is used for other related purposes as well such as mentioned below.

It will not harm the target but will make them :

1) Be more open to receiving what you have to say.
2) Be more inclined to listening to you.
3) Be more inclined to your suggestions.
4) Open their hearts to you.
5) Create an opportunity for you to charm your target with your words.
6) Make your target more inclined to falling in love with you.
7) Make your target more likely to stay in love with you.
8) Make your target more submissive to you.
9) Make your target more sexually open to you.
10) Also used by some restauraners to keep their customers coming back.
11) Keep your customers loyal to you, place some in their food/drink.
12) Charm new targets to give you business.
13) Make your target think about you/business more often.
14) Create positive feelings about your/business more often.

Ever wondered why some restaurants although serving the same quality of food compared to others get so many more customers, sometimes the answer is obvious, like they just have better food or interior design but this powder helps to push your will in the direction you want. We actually know of successful restaurants that use this. Of course if you have really bad food, this is not going to help, but if you serve good food, this will make them keep coming back and addicted to you shop. Similarly the same concept works for the other powers mentioned above. You make the right effort and it’ll triple your results. Only a little is required for the spell to work.

People in South East Asia believe this is more powerful compared to some amulets/talismans, because it is being ingested by the target hence will stay become part their psyche. This is the first time we've managed to get our hands on some after waiting for so long to bring them to the world. Many people in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand know of these types of items, so much so people are weary when receiving food from people whom they don't know very well.

Contents: This item contains an amalgamation of herbs created by an Ajahn in Thailand. Ajahn’s who make items like this spent years collecting special herbs for this purpose and have learned techniques passed down from ancient masters on mixing and empowering.

Warning: This is not an item to play with, please only use if you are serious about receiving the results you wish. We recommend to think through carefully before using this item, be careful on what you wish for. Are you prepared to follow through when your desired results comes? You do your own bidding whether good or bad so be cautious and ethical. Use your own discretion & judgement.

How to use: Use the katha and Empowerment Technique we provide you in the guidance booklet. Practice empowerment technique, chant katha, drop some into food after it has been cooked like salt, mix it in if necessary so that it is not visible. Repeat process 3 times on target if possible, use one pinch each time, magick starts working on first application, apply as necessary continuously or on a yearly basis. You can eat the powder as well, it is not harmful to health as it is plant matter but better only if that person consumes it, otherwise the effect will draw you to that person as well. For example in a drink, just drop some in their drink. Important: Do not yearn for results, believe it will happen and just leave it, placing too much energy on on a ritual is like bugging someone incessantly. If it doesn't work, leave it, it is not meant to be or your target has strong protection, however from the feedback we are receiving, positive results are more common.

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Size: Bottle Height: 5cm, circumference: 2cm

Item USD 136


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