This particular amulet set comes as is from the temple, with necklace, takrut talisman and Phra Upakut
amulet, blessed by Kruba Noi. Phra Upakut is a benevolent deity almost of sorts famous in Northern
Thailand. There are various versions of his origins one of them is that according to Sanskrit legend,
he was the son of a perfumer and one of the early adherents of the Buddha’s movement. Before the
Buddha entered nirvana, he asked Pra Upakut to remain alive until the coming Maitreya, the second
coming of the Buddha.Thai Buddhists believe that Phra Upakut is still alive to this day, residing in the
middle of the Great Ocean, with a lotus leaf on his head.

In practical terms the talisman provides the following benefits:

  • Wish fulfilling
  • Opens you up to prosperity
  • Paves the way for successful endeavours
  • Provides peace
  • Unblocks negative energy within your own body.

We will provide you with techniques/a ritual from our guidance booklet on how to successfully harness
the energy of this talisman for your requirements. It is important to note that it all starts with unblocking
energies that are causing blockages for your prosperity. This talisman close to your body will help with
that, as it permeates your aura, energy field, mind and body.

From our experience of keeping and “renting” Kruba Noi talismans ourselves as well as being the
followers of kruba noi, we have found his items to have unique tangible energy. The energy we have
tested using dowsing and divination and found them to be present even for his cheaper talismans.
It has nothing to do with price. One of our team members who is sensitive is able to feel heat whenever
it touches some of Kruba Noi’s talismans.

We found this particular talisman to have extraordinary energy for some reason, even more than other
more expensive talismans by kruba noi. We are not sure why of course this is, it is just what we found,
based on our tests.

When kruba Noi met us he was able to know information about one of our team members in particular
even without him mentioning it to kruba noi. Our team member was an ardent Sakyant enthusiast but
none of his tats are visible but kruba noi told him that since he likes sak yant that he will get his
right-hand-man to give our team member a special sak yant.

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Rgds, team

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