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The extremely rare Powerful Charm Powder Love Potion To Put In Food Of Target (extremely rare)

About the master: Ajahn Pooyin is a low key master. We have seen many Ajahn’s in our time searching Thailand. Amongst them are Sakyant Masters, Black Magick Masters, White Magick masters, and within that there are specialities. Almost like doctors in the field of medicine. Some speicialize in healing people, some specialize in protection magick, some on doing harm to others (revenge), some on amulets and even within that different types of amulet specializations. To find a master that makes charming powder like this is quite rare, although it is heavily used in South East Asia. So masters like these are only known from word of mouth and remain relatively unknown, most Ajahn’s that are famous are Sakyant (Tattoo) and Amulet specialists, they become famous because the are talked about the most online or should I say written about most as many people get to know about them through amulet sellers. Ajahn Pooyin only makes love amulets, oils and powders, hence like in any speciali
KRUBA NOI PHRA UPAKUT TAKRUT SET WEALTH PEACE THAI AMULET TALISMAN DIRECT FROM KRUBA NOI'S HANDS This particular amulet set comes as is from the temple, with necklace, takrut talisman and Phra Upakut amulet, blessed by Kruba Noi. Phra Upakut is a benevolent deity almost of sorts famous in Northern Thailand. There are various versions of his origins one of them is that according to Sanskrit legend, he was the son of a perfumer and one of the early adherents of the Buddha’s movement. Before the Buddha entered nirvana, he asked Pra Upakut to remain alive until the coming Maitreya, the second coming of the Buddha.Thai Buddhists believe that Phra Upakut is still alive to this day, residing in the middle of the Great Ocean, with a lotus leaf on his head. In practical terms the talisman provides the following benefits: Wish fulfilling Opens you up to prosperity Paves the way for successful endeavours Provides peace Unblocks negative energy withi