What are Spirit Guides, Khodams, Qodams?

One of the points in our mission is to bring to people powerful items with energies that can help people further their lives. Here we endeavour to answer some questions that some may have.

What are Khodams (Muslim word for spirit guide)?

After researching various religions through speaking with various experts/shamans and through literature we like the Islamic definitions of the spirit world as it seems to be one of the most detailed, complete and clear cut. However we will also include knowledge with regional spiritual knowledge and knowledge from other religions for a thorough understanding of the spirit world.

The human race was created by God and considered one of the highest amongst all creation on this earth. The Malaikat (Angels), Humans, Jinns followed by Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis were created with their own intent and purpose by Allah/God. Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis are akin to demonic beings but of different levels, we do wish to give them space on this website, you are free to learn about them by doing your own research. To bring a khodam into our realm it takes many days of fasting sometimes 40 days depending on the type of magick used as there are many methods/rituals in South East Asia. They are different from Djinn/spirits. Mostly khodams do not do harm others. They are male and female as humans are are granted power by God to assist humans in their lives. They have light bodies.

The word Jinn is an Islamic word in the Arabic language that is blanket word covering almost all beings that are non human. They include even dead human spirits that haven't moved on to the light but instead linger around in certain homes places etc and it also covers the myriad of beings that live in this and other realms parallel to ours. Jinns were created from the element of fire as humans were created from the element of earth. There are a myriad of races of beings in our world co-existing with us and in the unseen world. Except the differences amongst them are more profound compared to races among human beings. They vary greatly in appearance, powers, and other factors. Many people think that Djinns will give them all that they require but please note that believing in Allah SWT/God almighty must come first, do not be carried away by claims of many sellers and people that these Djinns will bring you all that you require this is leading us astray from the straight path.

The most popular beings you would probably find on our site and among the Malaysians and Indonesians are the Orang Bunian. These beings have a long standing history in South East Asia. However there are also lower level bunians and other beings of lower levels that usually wait or are caretakers of certain areas like rivers, trees etc they are called “Penunggu”. Some of the other beings are creatures such as Jelambang (Gnomes), Demit (a type of demonic spirit or syaitan/setan), another is Lelembut (type of trouble making invinsible spirit) and finally Siluman which are human ghosts. Dewas (Usualy Orang Bunian/Bunian People and Angels/Malaikat)  and Peri (fairies ie. AJ Meng Nang Rab Amulet) befriend each other but they tend not to like mixing with Lelembut, Demit and Jelambang. Bunian people for example are quite fond of Humans and have been known to exist in harmony with the human kind.

In Hinduism, Buddhism and also Malaysia and Indonesia the word Dewa/Deva or Thewa in Thailand equates to those beings that are servitors to God/Allah otherwise known as Wali Allah which equates to "friend" or servitor of God. When in Thailand we experienced orbs collecting around an area when chanting was conducted by an Ajahn (Thai Shaman), people told us that the Thewas (Dewas) are present hence they appear in the orb form. Usually orbs are benign and don't create any problems but there are some that do create disturbances as they are many types beings as explained but we are unable to see their true form merely their energy form which is in the orb form. For those of you that are not familiar with an orb some would say it is spirit energy formed in a round shape.

Hence when we are buying khadamic/khodamic items we should make sure that the khodams that are of the highest level. That is the reason one of our favourite products for ourselves and also the product we most sought out for our website and ebay shop are High Level Bunian or Angelic being stones that are extracted from the parallel realm after rituals have been done for successful transfer of the khodam by the mercy of Allah SWT/God. From our personal experience they are the most powerful not only in physical experience (heat, orb sightings, communication ability) but it is also common knowledge that those of high level in the parallel world would be able to exert more power to get things done for you as much as they can. Although some people believe that ghosts might be able to assist them and yes to some they might have helped them but we find befriending the higher level beings the most rewarding.

According to some of the Bunian people themselves (forest dwelling elves hybrid inter-dimensional spirit beings), they have said that they are an amalgamation of the Jin realm and human, they do not live in the same level of Ghosts but live in a type of kayangan (heaven) that is designed by God for their existence... subhan Allah.

There are Shamans who are able to cross over to their realm at certain soft spots in our world which allows entry into their world. Certain normal individuals like you and I have and can enter into the parallel realm however their certain conditions that have to be followed. Entry is also restricted to certain individuals who are allowed by the Orang Bunian to enter. Also a lengthy fasting process is usually required which is requires only eating white rice once before dawn and once after sunset which is practiced for 7 days. Those that have gone through have reported that realm of the Orang Bunian is much like ours with homes and the people look identical to humans, however they are not as technologically advanced. They live a much simpler way of life. According to a man who had gone over he said that he received the invitation to drink a cup of tea in their realm by an Orang Bunian he said that the tea doesn't taste and smell as good as in our realm. That is probably why they appreciate the scents that we have in our realm. The Orang Bunian 0have governments, courts, kings and religions just like us. There are good and not so good Orang Bunian but in comparison to humans they majority of them are better behaved they do not have so many social ills and problems as humans.

Now a little bit about keeping other types of  spirits. Because we are often asked for strong Jinns to be sold.  We have however sold some spirit/ghost talismans/amulets from Thailand because it is more common in Thailand but should only do this only if they have an understanding of what they are doing because it is a responsibility and not as easy as taking care of Khadamic Stones. Like for example in Thailand "Kumanthong" are spirits of young children who have passed away through certain circumstances and have not moved on to the light. In Thailand some Shamans and Monk cum Shamans have told us that the these child beings will evolve faster if they are able to help others and by doing so help themselves to go to the light. This is one side of the story. However some believe that they are poor spirits that are forcefully bound to talismans/items. The Kumanthong story can be traced back from a warrior cum magick master called Khun Paen who cut out the fetus of his unborn child from his dead wife and gave the spirit and opportunity to live with life with him as his son.

However you look at it they are kept for by people for various purposes to seek revenge, to protect a premise and to attract more clients to ones shop or business. Keeping them is a responsibility like having a child, they have to be fed food and drinks, and incensed placed on a daily basis. These are the terms of keeping them, otherwise they will cause more harm than good to its keeper. Hence we have many people from foreign countries asking for powerful Jinns but do not understand the implications of keeping such beings. It is not only now but generational and after death. Hence before one passes on one has to spirit to someone else to take care of it, if indeed the spirit hasn't already moved on. For example in Thailand the kumanthong spirit has a life span, once they have accumulated enough merit to move into the light and or be reborn will they move on. It is noteworthy that many people use pendulum dowsing and other methods to communicate with these spirits.

Khadamic Stones also have a level of responsibility that come with them, they just should not be left aside and neglected. Some of the beings that have given the stones to the shaman have said that they had spent a lot of time treating these stones so that they have a positive effect on its wearer. Also that they will intercede, where possible. So the least we can do is dap a little 1000 flower oil for them to enjoy and communicate with them. They do not require smoke for food like some Jinns do but just appreciate nice scents. Hence you will find that maintenance of some of our khodamic items only require certain scents to be applied on the stones.

Appearances, Feelings Sightings, Attunement and Premonitions

Parts of this section is repeated in the Q&A section as an answer to a customer’s query. But we thought it be necessary to reiterate this section. These beings (Orang Bunian or otherwise) might appear to some in orb form as in our homes flying around when they come to visit, from our experience usually around full moon and new moon. They are also able to take on other forms depending on type of khodam one keeps. Keepers of khadamic stones extracted from the unseen realm have reported seeing orbes flying around their homes, around them or other visual experiences. We at suvrna.com have experienced flickering tiny white/green dots appearing, auric colours such as green, indigo blue and red and orb sightings. During Dzikir the auric green and white lights/dots seem to appear and at home the orbs are frequently sighted at plain sight. Animals especially cats might chase them around the house, stare at them and follow them. If you see your cat behaving in this fashion it is probably because it has spotted one or more of them.  We have experienced that they appear in dreams and communicate many things from matters such as their name to showing us their realm to showing us mundane things that are going to happen in our life soon to very important things that are going to happen in our life or to warn us if danger is around the corner. It is sometimes challenging to decipher what is a dream what is a message from the khadam.

Feelings & Sightings

Any intense feeling that comes from the Khadamic stones is a result of their intense energy. Different people have different experiences with what they feel. As already visible in our FAQ section of our website. We’ve already answered a similar question to this. Just because the item is strong in energy doesn't mean it doesn't like us. It means the energy is strong as simple as that. It goes without saying one should only wear what one feels physically uncomfortable wearing on one’s body. If you feel uncomfortable wearing them or the power is too strong then keep them somewhere above waist level.

We have experienced a myriad of feelings when holding these items like: involuntary muscle twitching, intense energy rising from the item into the heart/chest area, cold sweat, dizziness, coldness instead of heat and pressure/opening of the crown and/or brow chakra. This usually occurs when holding the stones and chanting mantras/dzikir when some stones are held. Feelings vary from person to person because everyone is physically and psychically different. But in contrast there are some ppl who don't feel anything at all. These people spiritually sensitive enough to feel these energies but majority of people from our experience usually feel something or rather.

 Khodam Ayat

We want to briefly mention about Verse Khadams or Khadam Ayat. It is commonly knowledge that certain verses of the Quaran have khodams that can be activated. This is a science all on its own but essentially it requires chanting (Dzikir) repetitions that are in the thousands. This is similar to practices in Hinduism when certain mantras are chanted to gain "siddhi" of the mantra, then only will the mantra be effective. on a regular basis for period of time. Through this practice the khodam will make itself present and the practitioner can make their wishes known. This has been experienced by the writer however but is not able to divulge the practice as that is one of the rules, it can only be passed on if that person has been given a "key" to pass this knowledge on to others. The writer is working towards accomplishing that and hopefully one day will be able to pass this knowledge on to others. It is suffice to say the power can be felt on the body especially the hands, legs and face. Lights appear and the feeling is unique. Even one of our team members who is not Muslim who is actually Christian but is open to all religions has tried the Khadam Ayat practice with great success and needless to say what kind of effect it will have for those that are Muslim. When the khadams appear they usually appear in little white or green dots and intense heat can be felt by some other feel a myriad of other feelings like explained in the last paragraph. We are considering drawing up a programme to bring this to the world, its is currently work in progress for us.

We have courses on this that will help you connect with the energy of God. Search our store for this: www.suvrna.com


We advice although there is a certain element of faith that is placed in religion and these items, one should always try to remain logical and not get carried away. Do not stray from your main religious practice. In Islam this would equate to a Syirik act. When we forget God and place more importance on other spirit beings other than God. Never forget that even these items are empowered through the grace of God and we must never lose sight of God. They can be our friends but not live depending on them. We as humans have the power to change our path in life and our decisions create the outcomes of our future. Hence we can ask for assistance to make the correct decisions and to be guided but we ultimately and the masters of our destiny. Even if one believes in Karma nothing is more powerful than the human will, these Khadams offer help in the spiritual level of things and not always physical. They can't build a house for us however they can guide you on making the right decisions or arrange situations to allow for the right job to come your way.

By Hilmi & Steve


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