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About khodamic items

This is an item that contains a spiritual energy/spirit being/khodam/qodam.

These particular stones were extracted by a paranormalist/spiritualist/ustaz.

Many spiritualists/paranormalists/ustazes in Indonesia have learnt how to contact spirits/energies in certain hot spots and ask for items from their realm. Sometimes an exchange is present, meaning we give them something from our realm, energy of which they can absorb, sometimes they just gift items upon request. The items usually come down from the sky in balls of light, are found in the ground, appear as light in the distance and when we go forward they can be found in the ground and sometimes they are extracted  from the ground. This is only allowed with the blessing/allowance of God almighty, that controls the realms. People in Malaysia/Indonesia believe that keeping these items will imbue the keeper with certain energies of these items.

About this item

These stones were ascertained from Mount Lawu in Java, Indonesia.  Extracted this time by a spiritualist. is a spirit of a Javan leopard. One will ask, can leopards talk and understand us?

We have seen that when communicating with the spirits there are “penunggus” (caretakers) who are the bosses/chiefs of certain areas. Many energy hot-spots have them. Then there are the warriors/bodyguards/workers of the bosses and some population. They are not only human like spirits but animals too. They can understand human language but behave like animals when they come through the mediator.

A mediator is a person that opens themselves as a vessle so that we can communicate with them, the spirits usually take over their body and talk to us.

This item contains the energy essence of a Javan leopard which was a protector spirit in the alternate realm. The benefits of this item are:

- Protection against negative entities
- Power over others
- Charm
- Essentially think of what are the benefits of a leopard spirit in the forest, it has power over its domain and other, because of its demeanour no spirits want to mess with it, it is clever and wily to hunt, it is powerful, spiritual, strong yet charming and elegant. 
- Good for sales people to go out and hunt
- Good for businessman, leaders to have power over others, yet remain charming.
- Improves psychic and mind control over others. Push your thoughts onto others more easily.

Please note:

- We may have more than one of this stone/item, they all vary as they are unique items. A photo will be sent to you through request or before dispatch if you choose to pay first.

- Upon confirmation of address, for some items we may ask for your mother's name if you are a male and father's name if you are female to complete the ritual of connecting to keeper.

- Some Items they will be blessed by ustaz one last time before sending.

- If a ring you will be asked about your ring size.

- Our rings/penants/all jewellery are made by hand by village artisans, hence the finish is not machine-like or western.

-  Most of our items get on with most people, as it is usually fated. However in the event If at any point in the future after some time of trying you find that the energies of the item are not suitable with you, you can plant the item under an old tree or release in running water (river/sea).

- All items will come with a guidance booklet if you so require please let us know. Thank You.

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