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Spirit Guides/Khodams/Qodam

One of the points in our mission is to bring to people powerful items with energies that can help people further their lives. Here we endeavour to answer some questions that some may have.

What are Khodams (Muslim word for spirit guide)?

After researching various religions through speaking with various experts/shamans and through literature we like the Islamic definitions of the spirit world as it seems to be one of the most detailed, complete and clear cut. However we will also include knowledge with regional spiritual knowledge and knowledge from other religions for a thorough understanding of the spirit world.

The human race was created by God and considered one of the highest amongst all creation on this earth. The Malaikat (Angels), Humans, Jinns followed by Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis were created with their own intent and purpose by Allah/God. Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis are akin to demonic beings but of different levels, we do wish to give them space on this website, you are free t…
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About khodamic items

This is an item that contains a spiritual energy/spirit being/khodam/qodam.

These particular stones were extracted by a paranormalist/spiritualist/ustaz.

Many spiritualists/paranormalists/ustazes in Indonesia have learnt how to contact spirits/energies in certain hot spots and ask for items from their realm. Sometimes an exchange is present, meaning we give them something from our realm, energy of which they can absorb, sometimes they just gift items upon request. The items usually come down from the sky in balls of light, are found in the ground, appear as light in the distance and when we go forward they can be found in the ground and sometimes they are extracted  from the ground. This is only allowed with the blessing/allowance of God almighty, that controls the realms. People in Malaysia/Indonesia be…