Visualization and its importance in magick

The power of visualization is undoubtedly an important factor in magick even for practitioners at the very basic level. It is a also a topic covered widely by books such as the The Secret but how do the ancient sciences really stack up against current techniques. Are they really different or are the techniques we use today new creations?

A lot of magick is created within the mind. We are afterall the Gods of our lives. Although certain circustances may be from the outside a lot of what we think subconsciously is attracted by us to ourselves.

At we see a handful of customers who are merely looking for a quick fix and this is understandable as they want something to just fix whatever problem they are facing. However there are many customers who come from a perspective of genuine interest. Spiritual products are no quick fixes but requires an earnest effort by the practitioner as well. They are aids but it is most important that we take control of our own situations in life and not depend entirely on something externally to do everything for us. At we enclose a guidance booklet which helps give on clients a quick introduction into a basic visualization technique to aid in their daily practice.

Recently I saw this question on and decided to answer.

QUESTION: What are the best visualization techniques for materialization?
Hi, I’m Steve from homepage
I’m going to let you in on a technique, which we use to help our clients. Of course if we could all materialize at the speed of light we would all be millionaires and in contrast also many many bad things might happen to us the moment we thought about it. The philosophy and spiritual history behind visualization for acquiring material goals go are ancient and many. Okay before I go off on a tangent about visualization, I’m just going to explore the method we recommend below. Our technique has been refined along the years combining teachings from real spiritual masters with ancient techniques/knowledge whilst combining some modern day spiritual advisors/techniques:
  1. Posture: Sit cross legged (half lotus) or on a chair if you’re unable. Most importantly keep your back straight as possible but do not over exert, just straight as you possibly can (this is important for the kundalini energy Tian at your base chakra/lower dan tian to move through your body upwards)
  1. Breathing: Simple box breathing to calm yourself works for most. This is the easiest way to lower your heart rate and cajole one’s mind into an Alpha brainwave state. You can use binaural beats and other brainwave training music to help place yourself in this state of mind. Here is the simple box breathing technique that seems to work for many. Breathe in for 5 seconds hold for 5 seconds, release breath for 5 seconds, hold without air for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Whilst doing this block out all thoughts as far as possible, focus your mind on your practice. If you’re familiar with kapalabati /fire breath you can do this too, in fact this is the most ideal.
  2. Writing: We recommend you write all your negatives on half a page or one page and all your positives on the other page or other half of a page. That way you are focused on what you want to visualize and there is somethign magickal about writing we’re not sure what it is. This paper will later be burned at the end of your discipline.
  3. Form the ksepana mudra and place it on your lap near your navel.
4. Start by visualizing the first negative you have. When you visualize see yourself , meaning do not look at it from your point of view look at yourself as another person. See this image on a television screen in front of you or a big projected image. See the negative and feel it. Make the image in black and white not color. Do this for not more than a minute or so.
5. Erase the negative by using the ksepana mudra. For example imagine that negative image going into a wormhole created by the ksepana mudra, like being flushed down the toilet bowl.
6. Compressing time and space: Now imagine you are in space or in the milky way. Clear all thoughts, let all feelings dissipate. Imagine the moon on one side and the sun on the other side of you. You will them to come within you and sit in your heart chakra, fuse them together to one poweful light in your chest.
7. Now form your kubera-mudra with both hands whilst you visualize the positive thoughts.
8. Similar to the negative visualization except this time it is in color. See yourself accomplishing the end result of what you’re seeking. See two or more of other people/friend/family co-workers or others enjoying in your accomplishment of your result. Smell it if you can, feel it, enjoy the moment.
9. Now keep that thought of accomplishment in your mind, breath into your lower abdomen through your nose. Hold your breath in the lower abdomen with that positive thought for about 5 seconds, then blow it out. Say something like “it is done, so be it, may this or something better happen” after completion each time. Affirm and believe it is already done.
10. Repeat the above steps 3–9 starting with a negative and ending with a positive each time. Finish all the visualizations on your list then burn the paper. You can stop wasting paper :) after 21 days. After which just proceed with the visualizations.
You will see the difference take place in your life, sometimes the negative may show up first then the positives will transpire in your life. Each time the positives work out and trust they will it will just build your confidence which will help in future visualizations.
A great master from India once said “You are the children of the planets, just like how when you’re a kid you have to listen to every whim of your parent ,when you’re older you do what you wish and even advise your parents how to do things, similarly as you advance spiritually, you tell the universe/planets/astrology this is what I want, I will it and this is how it will be, you make your destiny”.
So go out there and start creating your future in every facet.

Written by Steve, a team member at
Steve is an avid spiritualist with over 15 years experience in the spiritual sciences. A self-professed polytheist he has spent years learning the inner workings of spiritual science (magick & religions) from teachers with ancient knowledge from the South East Asian region.


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