Extraction of stones gifted by spirit beings | Orang Bunian, Who Are They And How Does It Work?


The objective of this article is to expose to the English speaking world to the existence of beings of the unseen realm and furthermore how items are extracted from the other realm. In South East Asia it is not uncommon to know of items that have been extracted from the jin realm or unseen realm/s. However its time the rest of the world comes to know about it. It is with great reverence for the other realm that we write this article so that others may be aware of their existence. We believe that all are governed by God the most highest however the existence of the parallel realm is a reality that cannot be denied.

It you've lived in South East Asia you've probably already heard of the word Alam Ghaib (Unseen Realm), actually probably not. People can go by their lives totally evading the topic of spirituality.
In any case, today we'll discuss the topic of Alam Ghaib.

This word is usually synonymous with the word "Orang Bunian", well at least it is in Malaysia. These "Orang Bunian" are people that live in the forest and are said to be a type of Jin. Essentially to summarise The Orang Bunian are a race of invincible people that are known to reside in the forests. That have long known to co-habit spaces with humans, for example an empty house etc. and even have sexual relations with humans and have families with humans. Bewildering ? I know...hang in there. 

Some believe that the Orang Bunian are a type of invincible beings from the "Jin" category that have supernatural powers and are fond of helping humans. There have also been reported cases of people never returning once they entered the parallel reality.  Time is said to pass at a much slower pace in the parallel realm, for example 45 mins in their realm equates to 5 hours in our realm. The various  some are horned beings with hairy bodies and wings, others are vampire beings that are about 1 foot in size the description of this reminds me of the famous Jenglot, there are also Hobbits (Huqni) and Elves. Some of those beings are like Hobbits, Elves and the horned beings have been described in western mythology for centuries. It is impossible for two separate cultures on the on two separate ends of the world to collude on the creation of these so called imaginary beings before they even met. For those that have experienced these realms it is undeniable real. Some would say this is all hogwash others may say they are creations of the devil but we leave it up to the individual to make up their mind. One thing for sure, talk of them have been around since time begun.

 Through the various types of beings that are said to exist in this parallel realm the most commonly referred to is the Orang Bunian. These beings get married have children live in cities much like ours. Some cities are said to be old fashioned whereas some are much more modern. They have kings, rulers and an organised society. There are those kings with large areas under them and some with smaller areas under their rule. 

For centuries Indonesian and Malaysian shamans who are adept have been communicating with these beings for various reasons. One of which is to receive heritage items that is said to afford benefits to its keeper. These items are usually khodamic and very old in age. Some of the items are said to be of human origin which have been kept in the parallel realm whereas others are of unknown origin such as from the other realm. For a shaman to be able to enter their realm or exchange will require him to fast for a period of time for example 40 days. During this time he can only break fast with white rice and plain water, or some eat only fruit when breaking fast. The fast lasts daily from dawn till dusk. To conduct the exchange process the shaman has to be not only be a psychic but also have high concentration and focus. He has to be able to spiritually fence and defend himself in the event of any untoward circumstances.  Knowledge on inner energy techniques and silat spiritual techniques is important. Once at the place for exchange the shaman will be able to perceive in the spiritual dimension where to go for the exchange process. Some receive dreams before hand and are told where to go.

The Process

In any case, the exchange process requires something to be given in return for the items received. This is usually apel jin and a myriad of other oils such as white zafarron oil, misik oil and jasmin oil etc. Also other items such as various types of incenses, cloths as well as other items are given. Certain verses are read and communication begins with the beings from the other realm. The shamans will be drawn to an area where certain lights will appear, some lights are white in colour and appear from the sky coming down onto earth, whereas some just glow in an area like at the base of tree, some appear flickering in distance. The items will then appear either on their own and the shaman or a person has to use their 6th sense usually by following vibration or heat and find the item where the lights appeared or sometimes the shaman has to be pull the items out from the light, sometimes they just appear through a white cloth. We have some videos below which will give you a better idea of this process.

Here we are going to expose to the English speaking world some documentary clips that aired on Indonesian TV. We will briefly translate the dialog in the videos for the benefit of all non Malay/Indoensian speaking readers. Dua Dunia (Two Worlds) is a documentary investigating the legitimacy of supernatural claims by people in certain areas around Indonesia. It will also show us how certain stones, kerises and other items are uncovered or extracted from the other realms. There are beings in the other realms that take care or servitors of an area or items. They are sometimes people who have lived in our realm as humans and have now passed away into the other realm and there are some that are of non-human origin that exist only in the other realm.

See for yourself

In part 3 of this video clip Umi (the channel/medium) with the ancient spirit within her guides the spiritual experts and the reporter to find a stone that she says is hers. The ancient spirit called Nyai tells them to follow a red light. Soon a stone is uncovered. The stone according to the spirit belongs to her and represents the principles of the ancient civilization (Sriwijaya) that lived there. She says that the colors red represents spirit, victory and white victory. Victory will come to those with a pure heart.

Sriwijaya part 2 : http://youtu.be/IBsqWHxyPdQ

Inn this video, in an entirely different documentary certain items are extracted from the parallel realm by a famous master/Imam called Gus Imm. The extraction process is visible around 10 mins through the clip. 

Gus Imm : http://youtu.be/zh67AOHgmSU

This video is filmed at Candi Gunung Wukir. Candi means temple, Gunung Wukir is Mount Wukir. This old Hindu temple was established around 700 BC. In this video a Spiritual Master/Guru and some of his followers are engaged by the TV crew to investigate this area. One of the mediators goes into a trance first as a tiger then later a being of human origin engages the mediator who breaks out in a prayers that is of ancient Hinduism. After which he states that God is the highest love and most powerful, who rules over all beings. That is the reason the divine spark exists in all humans. Do not defile it, God directs that we do always good in our lives, to love one another, is the highest good. He reveals his name as Ki Sakri, he is asked to reveal if there are any heritage items/mystical item here and he draws a keris on the sand, it’s at that point that a monkey takes possession of the mediators body and climbs a tree where a light appears and heritage item is found.

Part 1 : http://youtu.be/lZWfnkqjehU

 In Part 2 of this video a keris is appears from the other realm. The Guru is asked why the light appears in the sky and he says that it is because of the friction of our realm and the alam ghaib (unseen realm) that creates this light when the item enters from their realm into ours. He says that the item is of human origin but has been kept in their realm away from our visibility. The mediator goes into trance again this time channelling a different being. This being states that he has a message for all...he says, be an honest person, for when you lie the pure light/divine spark of God knows that you are lying, when you do good the divine spark knows that you are doing good, the light of the lord God is within you/your heart, hence be mindful of what you think and feel. He is asked if he is bothered by the arrival of the television crew, he states that he is glad they have come, who-ever comes there is friend to him. Later in part 3 an exchange process is conducted where a white cloth is placed with some items under it, a bright light appears and they are given a keris.

Part 2: http://youtu.be/FbWzlM7bXzA

Part 3: http://youtu.be/IGyUgOEDWpA

We are releasing an exclusive collection of stones from the unseen realm (Alam Ghaib). Visible under category Islamic/Malaysian/Indonesian Talismans. Mystical stones/rings being released from the other realm. About 3.45 mins into this video you will witness the reality of items coming into our realm from the unseen realm, as described in our listings the fire that is caused from the friction of this transfer process.

A video on NyiRoRo Kidul. We have "rented" (sold) items gifted by her.



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