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Extraction of stones gifted by spirit beings | Orang Bunian, Who Are They And How Does It Work?


The objective of this article is to expose to the English speaking world to the existence of beings of the unseen realm and furthermore how items are extracted from the other realm. In South East Asia it is not uncommon to know of items that have been extracted from the jin realm or unseen realm/s. However its time the rest of the world comes to know about it. It is with great reverence for the other realm that we write this article so that others may be aware of their existence. We believe that all are governed by God the most highest however the existence of the parallel realm is a reality that cannot be denied.

It you've lived in South East Asia you've probably already heard of the word Alam Ghaib (Unseen Realm), actually probably not. People can go by their lives totally evading the topic of spirituality.
In any case, today we'll discuss the topic of Alam Ghaib.

This word is usually synonymous with the word "Orang Bunian", well at least it is in Ma…