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Visualization and its importance in magick The power of visualization is undoubtedly an important factor in magick even for practitioners at the very basic level. It is a also a topic covered widely by books such as the The Secret but how do the ancient sciences really stack up against current techniques. Are they really different or are the techniques we use today new creations?

A lot of magick is created within the mind. We are afterall the Gods of our lives. Although certain circustances may be from the outside a lot of what we think subconsciously is attracted by us to ourselves.

At we see a handful of customers who are merely looking for a quick fix and this is understandable as they want something to just fix whatever problem they are facing. However there are many customers who come from a perspective of genuine interest. Spiritual products are no quick fixes but requires an earnest effort by the practitioner as well. They are aids but it is most important that we ta…