Ajahn Meng Revisited

It has been a while since our last visit to Thailand and we felt it was about time. Mohan and I (Steve) took the opportunity during the Eid celebration holidays to make a long overdue trip to back to Bangkok. We make an effort to try different hotels each time we visit and visit different Ajahns.

This time we felt like we just had to visit Ajahn Veight (Ves) and Ajahn Meng once again. Many of our friends have seen the benefits of talismans from these two Ajahns from the talismans we brought back from them and we almost on a weekly basis get some sort of enquiry about talismans we've already rented/sold out.

This time visiting Ajahn Meng's Samnak the moment we arrived we a large group of people inside his samnak, although the samnak is quite small its pretty decent. He has renovated part of it designating an area just for sak yant and air-conditioned that area. Anyway after all the tourist left we started talking with Ajahn Meng's assistants, two of them recognised and we started talking. He showed us the recent talismans by Ajahn Meng and recommended some to us. One he recommended which is sold to certain people by invitation only but it was wayyy above my own budget even. Anyway he recommended some more affordable options and we took them all. First was the Yoni talisman, then he recommended the good old Khun Paen but out trip would not be complete without some Eer Ger Fong wealth talismans, to round it all up we took back with us some cute Kumanthongs from Ajahn Meng.

Ajahn Meng came out and blessed all talismans for a while. It felt like everything went quite for while and the wind started to blow harder in the samnak for just a few short moments. After he had finished we took all the talismans, received blessing from Ajahn Meng and went on our merry way.  Next stop was Ajahn Veight.

This journey took us to the other side of town about 1 hour away. When we finally got there, Ajahn Ves/Veight had changed the location of his samnak. So we finally talked to him and found his latest location. We waited a while for him  to get there. But when he did it was well worth it. We ourselves needed to recharge our sakyants, talismans from him and also ask for some ceremonies to be done for our personal requirements. He recommended his latest batch of oils, we rented as many bottles of oils as we could and two Nam Kam Nat spirit talismans. He blessed and empowered them before we took them.

So there you have it Ajahn Ves talismans and Ajahn Meng's talismans. All will be listed below, you can rent/purchase if in stock them from our website ebay: http://myworld.ebay.com/*www.suvrna.com* or website: www.suvrna.com  or contact us directly namobuddhaya6@gmail.com

Ajahn Meng Khun Paen

Photo above is of AJ Meng empowering the amulets below before we rented them. AJ Meng needs no introduction, he is without doubt one of the most famous master’s in Thai Visha (magick) today. His samnak (office) seems to be perpetually brimming with people from around the world, even during our visit. He is especially famous for his charming/Maha Saney and wealth amulets. The talismans he is famous for includes various types of Khun Paen talismans, yoni talismans, Nang Rab and Eer Ger Fong.

AJ Meng KP - Powerful Yoni + Khun Paen Saney Charming Wax Combo

Purpose: Love, Charm, Attraction

Product Code: AJMengYoniSet

This talisman is the much tooted Yoni embracing Linga Amulet by AJ Meng. It is one of the most popular and latest attraction talismans by AJ Meng. The talisman is a figure of a Yoni (Vagina) embracing a Linga (Penis), symbolising unending attraction and love. The wax is made of secret herb amalgamation by AJ Meng with a takrut inside it to keep it strong vibrationally. This combo set is new and rare we took all that was available at the time of rental. This is your opportunity to enjoy this wonderful item. A mantra/katha will be provided to its new owner on youtube.

Use the wax on your eyebrows and lips. From personal experience of one of our business partners, as a straight male he reports his honest feedback/experience after using just the oil and talisman and no other talisman on a night out: 1) more looks from people generally 2) more attraction/attention looks from women 3) Women seem to feel comfortable around the user, more smiles and more woman approached the user 4) Also the user reports increased sense/feeling of confidence but one has to keep a clear positive mind to attract good thoughts and then its works. 5) People generally including men seem to be friendly towards the user but especially women towards the user.

This talisman can be used by women/men/ladyboys/gays etc. It depends on the intent of the user. It will work on what you want to attract to yourself.

Size: Yoni talismans length: 4cm, width: 3.5cm at its widest, KP lip wax: Circumference 4cm

AJ Meng KP – Khun Paen

Purpose: Love, Charm, Attraction, Loving-Kindness

Size: Length from top to bottom: 5 cm, width: 3cm, thickness: 0.5 cm

Product Code: AJMengKhunPaen

About this amulet/talisman

AJ Meng Khun Paen is synonamous with Khun Paen amulets. Khun Paen is a legendary warrior who had many wives and was a master of visha(magick) with the ability to do all sorts of wonders including creating spirit warriors, invulnerability and most popularly the father of the first kumanthong (child spirit servitor). AJ Meng has made many forms/types of Khun Paen amulets. This version is its most traditional style. Khun Paen has a great history of charming capabilities in Thailand and most synonymous with Khun Paen are the number of wives he had. A mantra/katha will be provided to its new owner on youtube.
This particular talisman provides the following benefits and more not mentioned here:

-Increases loving kindness towards people in general, helps to control ones temper through loving kindness for others.
-Provides a charming aura around its wearer at all times.
-Helps in attracting a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, and partner.
-Helps in people related situations at work, for example improves dealings with clients, colleagues and boss.
-Helps to make its wearer respected and valued by people.

AJ Meng KP – Eer Ger Fong

Purpose: Wealth, speculation luck, gambling

Size: Circumference: 5cm Thickness: 0.5 cm

Product Code: AJMengEGF

Eer Ger Fong is a famous businessman of Chinese decent who immigrated to Thailand and who lived there from 1851-1935. He started in gambling and later moved on to other types of businesses including shipping and trading. He is renown in Thailand to be able to assist in money matters and gambling from the other realm. Many people have reported their businesses improve and shriving luck in gambling after asking for assistance from this deity. AJ Meng creates one of the best Eer Ger Fong talismans in Thailand, he has a special shrine just for him at his samnak. A mantra/katha will be provided to its new owner on youtube. This talisman provides the following benefits and more to its user:

-Assistance in all matters concerning money
-Assistance in amassing abundant wealth and prosperity
-Assistance in getting out of debt
-Assistance in finding new revenue streams for your business
-Assistance in career development
-Assistance in speculation luck/gambling/share market investment etc.
-Can be worn by those in all types of profession even those with an illicit tendency.

AJ Meng KP – Kumanthong

Purpose: Love, charm, attraction, wealth, business, protection

Size: Length: 3cm, width: 1.2 cm

Product Code: AJMengKMT

The word Kumanthong can be split into two words, the first being kuman which comes from the Pali Sanskrit word Kumara which means young boy and Thong which means Gold. Together they mean Golden Boy. It’s derived from ancient times but also to some extent still practiced nowadays when the feutus of a dead child still in the mother’s womb after her death is removed and processed with certain incantations and ceremonies, finally is covered in gold leaf. Magickcians in Thailand adopt these child spirits for assistance in various matters including wealth accumulation, female attraction, protection etc. Because these spirits did not die as they were supposed to but rather an abrupt death their spirits still roam this plane of existence until they have accumulated enough merit and it is time for them to move on into the light. Hence magickcians believe that by allowing them a route to help people these kumanthongs will be able to ascend faster.

Which brings us to this kumanthong by AJ Meng. This special kumanthong amulet/talisman by AJ Meng has connected to each of it a child spirit directed to assist its owner in all matters of life, God willing if it is within their power they will assist its owner. We have seen another layman Ajahn use this kumanthong by Ajahn Meng, which just goes to show its recognition amongst magickcians in Thailand.

There is a mantra/katha provided for usage to use before communicating with the kumanthong and when giving food and drinks. The user must treat these kumanthongs like their adopted children and they will assist their owner. They can be given food, red sweet drinks or just any sweet drinks, cakes etc and/or they can be asked to help themselves to the food in the house. You can talk to them like living children and treat them with love. If they make noise in the house or cause any disturbances they should be reprimanded just as you would your child. They should be given some sort of offerings on a weekly basis at least. If one can offer cakes and red drinks to them with sweet smelling incense this would be preferable. If they accomplish what has been set out for them to accomplish then they should be awarded with toys, clothes or things that you think a child might like. Through our personal experiences doing merit/donating money etc on their behalf assists them to move on quicker. Further guidance /directions if required will be provided and mantra/katha will be provided on youtube.  

Ajahn Veight/Ajahn Ves

The correct pronunciation of his name in Thai is Veight not Ves but most people seem to write it as Ves. He is one of our personal favourites.  He has studied Visha throughout Thailand from North to South, learning various types of magick. From our personal experience with him he seems to be most effective in MahaSaney (sexual attraction and romantic love magick). It seems to be his trademark and the magick he performs on this topic is most powerful. His ceremonies and talismans on this topic of attraction are most efficacious and renowned internationally. It is a fact that many of those working in the go go bars and night life in Thailand frequent him, even when we were there it was the case.

AJ Veight Nam Kam Nat

Purpose: Love, Charming, Attraction, Wealth, Spirit Guide/Khadam

Size:  Length: 4 cm Width: 2.5 cm

Product Code: AJVNKN

This time after much demand we finally managed to ascertain the two of the last Nam Kam Nat spirit talismans that AJ Veight had left in his display case. This talismans are the most potent in this range of Nam Kam Nat talismans as it has bones, ashes from a deceased females whose spirits are attached to this talisman. It is a very potent talisman and radiates a strong energy equivalent to those of Jinns/Khadams of our parallel realm items. The heat from this talisman is easily felt by us. Those that are familiar with pendulum dowsing or familiar with other spirit communication methods would find these spirits engaging and helpful.

Through our communication with one of the spirits of this talisman, she has communicated that she died from a water related incident either a flood or tsunami, she has feelings like a normal person but is not yet able to move on.  Through someone taking care of her doing merit on her behalf it is our hope that she will ultimately be able to move on.

This talisman is mainly used for sexual attraction purposes. There is no need for us to list the myriad of benefits it is able to perform as most are aware of its power but essentially it specialises in matters of love, attraction, loving-kindness, attracting clients, business etc. This is what they have been programmed to do. But we would like to equate them to a spirit companion or friend who is designated to assist and guide you. AJ Veight has given us the mantra and methods to take or her. A mantra/katha will be provided to its new owner on youtube.

Essentially it requires burning one sweet smelling incense stick when communicating with her, gifting her with presents that women may like for example perfumes, clothes etc when she performs a task successfully for you. Give her offerings like an alcoholic beverage, cakes, sweets etc. She can be asked to partake in dinner with you and your family. Most importantly treat her with love like a friend, through time a relationship/bond is build. Also donations on her behalf are one kind gesture that helps create a relationship between keeper and spirit.

AJ Veight Saney Oil

Purpose: Love, Charm, Attraction

Size: Length: 3.7 cm Circumference: 1.5 cm

Product Code: AJVSaneyOil

This the latest creation by AJ Veight and recommended to us by him. It has a two takruts inside plus a look om to maintain its power. From our personal experience it works well. There are special directions for this item which will be provided to its buyer. It can be used to charm people by touching them using this oil in a certain manner and also used on ones face which directions will be provided on to its owner. The oil has a sweet smell. It provides its owner when wearing it with a sense of confidence and people seem to react favourably to its user. It can also be carried as a talisman as well.

Based on the experience of one of our heterosexual business partners who reports that he found women commenting favourably on his appearance and women seem to be more attracted to him when using the oil. It seems to work better than any pheromone perfume that the he has used before. The effects are reported to be at the similar level as AJ Meng’s yoni set. It can also be used by ladyboys, men, women, gays etc. It depends on the intent of its user. A mantra/katha will be provided to its new owner on youtube.

Note: All talismans/amulets are guaranteed in authenticity as we ascertained them directly from its source. 


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