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Ajahn Meng Revisited
It has been a while since our last visit to Thailand and we felt it was about time. Mohan and I (Steve) took the opportunity during the Eid celebration holidays to make a long overdue trip to back to Bangkok. We make an effort to try different hotels each time we visit and visit different Ajahns.

This time we felt like we just had to visit Ajahn Veight (Ves) and Ajahn Meng once again. Many of our friends have seen the benefits of talismans from these two Ajahns from the talismans we brought back from them and we almost on a weekly basis get some sort of enquiry about talismans we've already rented/sold out.

This time visiting Ajahn Meng's Samnak the moment we arrived we a large group of people inside his samnak, although the samnak is quite small its pretty decent. He has renovated part of it designating an area just for sak yant and air-conditioned that area. Anyway after all the tourist left we started talking with Ajahn Meng's assistants, two of the…