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The Gayatri Mantra

Most of the articles in this blog have been by me, I've asked Hilmi and the rest to write but their a bit reticent.....hopefully in the future they will. There is a plethora of knowledge on their side, which needs to be exposed. Ok, on to my topic today. As a seeker, I have studied various religious directly from masters. One of the basic mantras handed to me was the Gayatri Mantra. The gayatri mantra is a mantra that truly resonates with me because of its spiritual elements. It transcends to religious boundries and even those from monotheist origins can relate. It is a mantra to God to guide our intellect. This mantra has touched us and we wanted to share this with all. The meaning is broken down below. This mantra is deep and profound. It helps connect us to the Divine Light/Creational Energy of the universe/God that we all part of and have within us. Special Thanks to for the article below: GAYATRI MANTRA DETAILED WORD BY WORD MEANING The Gayatri