Dos and don'ts for Thai Amulets

Dos and don'ts for Thai amulets, many people have their own opinions on what one should/can and can't /shouldn't do. I want my clients to benefit from these amulets so I am going to let you in on what I know. If anybody would like to contribute to this section of the blog please email me at 

1) Do not place the amulet at the bottom edge of your bed or anywhere the bottom of your legs are facing. In Thai, and most other Asian cultures showing the sole of the feet to elders or people of respect is considered disrespectful, the same applies to Thai amulets. Also do not step over the amulets this is a sign of disrespect. 

2) Certain amulets should not be worn to certain places. For example Somdej buddha amulets should not be worn to brothels, people say takruts are an exception to the rule but that is a matter of opinion however certain amulets are designed for mahasaney purposes and are suitable to
be worn in these places including clubs, brothels, etc. All of AJ Ves amulets are designed for this purpose and he specifically makes them to help people in these industries as well.

3) Obviously try not to drop or step on the amulets.


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