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Ajahn Lao

Background on Ajahn Lao

Ajahn Lao also known as Ajahn Chalao, is a true Sak Yant and Wicha veteran. With over 30 years of practice under his belt he is one of today's most sought after Sak Yant masters by Muay Thai practitioners, local Thais and foreigners alike. He was born in Rayong Province, East Thailand. He was ordained as a novice between 16-19 yerars old as a monk twice between 20-23 years old and 28-37 years old. Whilst he was a monk he studied Pali and graduated a highest level of Pali certification. He has a keen interest for Wicha and seeked out true masters who were able to guide him in yantra creation and sak yant. He studied under many famous masters such as Luang Phor Sawai (Wat Sapansi, Rayong), Luang Phor Tong Dum (Wat Huway Prab, Rayong) and Luang Phor Pon (Wat Bangna Nai, Bangkok). He has practiced in Singapore, Malaysia and has a following in these countries and well as far away as Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

AJ Lao, our experience. 

The photos I had seen of…

Ajahn Ves Reusavet

Background on Ajahn Ves
Ajarn Ves Ruesavet is one of the rising stars in Thai Occult practice. His amulets are growing in popularity due to its efficacy. Ajahn Ves was born in Udon Thani Province North Eastern Thailand. His interest in Buddhism bloomed at a young age, he was able to keep the 8 precepts even through the difficult teen years. AJ Ves had a bourgeoning desire to get involved in Thai Wicha at a young age. He pursued his dream relentlessly and sort out Magick masters in Cambodian magick called Dhamm Kao Kot, he also seeked out current Lersi practitioners deep within the depths of the Isan province jungles. He for 8 years under the tutelage of various magick masters including Kruba Subin. He picked up the art of Sak Yant in Kalasan Province and learned how to create amulets in the Mahasarakam Province, he also learned to call ghosts and spirits from these masters.

Recently over the last couple of years he is growing in popularity as his amulets are receiving rave reviews.  He…

Ajahn Aik

Ajahn Aik/Aek studied Sak Yant at Wat Bang Phra where the legendary LP Phern resided the home of the modern resurgence of Sak Yant. From a very young age his affinity and skill started for the art of Sak Yant, hence he is a renowed master amongst locals and foreigners alike. AJ Aik is also the sole true disciple of AJ Fon’s lineage. AJ Fon Dee Sawan was a very famous kalawat or white robe ajahn born in 1883, who suffered from a rare disease that disfigured his face but his resiliance, character and devotion made him one of the most revered white robe Ajahns of his time.
Firstly a little bit about Ajahn Fon. AJ Fon had extrodinary memory power which enabled him to memorise kathas which formed a major part of the study of Wicha. By doing so he excelled quickly. He was well known for his ability to heal poisonous snake bites, bleeding and other healing capabilities, one of things he used to do was to but a long wound of his leg and heal it immediately in front of people.  He performed his…