Multi Amulet Katha

This is a katha provided by a Thai friend who said it is most appropriate for the majority of us Thai amulet enthusiast who wear multiple amulets. Its sometimes tedious to chant all the kathas at once hence saying this one set of kathas will suffice. This katha was designed to pay respect to the creators of the amulets that you wear. It is believed that the amulet has a spiritual connection to its creators. All of the below steps should be done while clasping the amulets between both your hands in a "wai" / "namaste" position.

Step 1) Chant 3 times the salutation Mantra to pay respect to Lord Buddha:
Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa
Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa
Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Step 2) Pay respect to the creator of the amulet by visualising the Ajahn or Luang Phor in your mind as your teacher.

Yakmahang Klu-ak-chaliyang SalanangKato Imina Sakkarena
KruAjariyang Ab-phi-pu-chayamik

Dutik-yampi Yakmahang Klu-ak-chaliyang Salanang-kato Imina Sakkalena
Klu-ajaliyang Abhi-pu-chayamik

Tatik-yampi Yakmahang Kru-ak-chaliyang Salanang-kato Imina Sakkalena
Kru-ak-chaliyang Abhi-pu-chayamik

Then invitate in your own languge Lord Buddhas of all epochs, all Arahants, and the creator of the amulet and the beings associated with the amulet ie.(Lersi, Khunpean etc.) to bless you whilst you wear the amulet, to grant your wishes.

Step 3) Lastly pay respect to the triple gems Buddha, Dhamma,and Sangha to bless your endeavours :

Buddhang Prasittimay, Dhammang Prasittimay, Sangkhang Prasittimay

Step 4) Wear the amulets.  


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