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Question for AJ Meng Nang Rab amulet : Since the amulet has been activated by AJ Meng and I'm not good at reciting kathas, can I just keep it in my pocket and pay respect to it?

Answer: There is no hard and fast rule. It's entirely up to you to do what you feel most comfortable doing in terms of worship.Especially is you have many amulets its going to be a challenge saying all the kathas in one sitting. In this instance you might want to merely use the "Namo Tassa Bhakawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa x 3" katha for all amulets at once. I will be posting more information about this very soon. 

I have this amulet myself and I'm very fond of it. Personally from my experience I feel the that katha helps me connect with this amulet better on a deeper spiritual level,  I equate it to a 'call' to the other side. After chanting the katha I keep AJ Meng and the the spirits of the amulet in mind and then I humbly ask for assistance. Also a notable factor I feel that has boosted the energy of the amulet is the dedication of merit. I simply keep the amulet in mind before making a donation when I can. 

Over the years of 'renting' amulets, I gained the ability to sense the energy from certain amulets when I hold them, especially in between my hands in a 'wai' prayer position. You can liken the feeling to a mobile phone vibration. This amulet and some others I rented from AJ Meng gave me that feeling just by holding it even before saying the katha but I felt it much stronger after chanting the katha and making merit.

In conclusion it isn't a must to chant the katha but in the event you choose to make the effort, with practice you will find yourself getting better at it as time progresses. This is just a suggestion, you could play the katha I provided on repeat a couple of times before you want to worship the item.  Most of all as recommended in the amulet paper provided by AJ Meng which the translated version I have provided to you, try to make merit for the amulet as that is the only way it can gain power.  Moreover its also beneficial for you when you do meritous deeds. I hope I've answered your question and I hope this amulet is as good for you as it is for me.

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