Wat Indraviharn Somdej & Takrut Jinnabunchorn

Somdej Wat Indraviharn (Wat Inn), Wat Rakhang & Wat KateChaiyo, Mass Chanted 2009

Wat Indraviharn formerly Wat BangKunProm name is one my favourite temples. This temple has an aura surrounding it that's unmistakably serene. Wat Indraviharn is an old mystrical monastery build in the late Ayutthaya period circa 1752. This temple is renown for its Somdej type of amulet. LP (Luang Phor : Venerable) Toh is synonymous with the Somdej amulet and this temple. Somdej amulets coming out of Wat Rakhang, Wat Indraviharn and Wat KateChaiyo are sought after by collectors for their intrinsic power. The process in which these amulets were created is were unique and powerful. Somdej Toh used special yant inscriptions on the powder, spells and his meditative power to create his powerful amulets. Hence Somdej Toh's amulets are renown for their power to protect, improve ones life and to bring about peace and happiness.

Somdej Toh grew up at Wat Indraviharn and commissioned the large Buddha Statue visible at Wat Mai Amataros which is located just next door to Wat Indraviharn divided by a narrow lane running in between both temples, essentially to the visitor its the same temple.

I recently rented on your behalf sets of the latest collection produced by Wat Indraviharn in collaboration with Wat Rakhang and Wat KateChaiyo. By the way I should note this as I keep getting asked this question. Somdej Toh left this plane of existence in 1887. The somdet amulets here were made using his recipe and empowering techniques and are well known around Thailand for the efficacy.

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Updated : June 2011

                                                                Somdet Toh Wat Inn

                                                                     Wat KetChaiYo

                                                   Wat KeChaiYo and Wat Inn amulet stand


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