Ajahn Meng

The first thing that strikes me about AJ Meng is his kind and pleasant demeanour. When I visited his Samnak in June 2010 he was sitting in the middle overseeing his looksit making sakyants on devotees.

AJ Meng has been studying Visha since the age of 14. He has studied from a myriad of gurus along the years. He studied Vithee Tang which includes the process of calling spirits to protect ones house, making of saney charms and other objects. AJ Meng studied Kru Lersi, Yant Nah Nah Thong and Yant Phrom See Nah according to the methods of LP Jong of Wat Nah Tang Nok and other yants according to LP Pan Wat Bang Nom Kho. LP Mee was showed AJ Meng how to collect the correct Wahn (herbs) for making powerful Khun Pean amulets.

AJ Meng’s amulets are unique and known around the world to be efficacious, in simple English they work. AJ Meng’s amulets are especially well known in the areas of Charm, Sexual Attraction and Wealth & Luck Attraction including gambling luck. I rented on your behalf some awesome amulets which I hope you guys love and cherish. Click the links below the pictures to find out more about each item and how to ‘rent’ them.

Mha Sap Nang Pha Yant 

Image was too sexy for some and had to be removed. 

To learn more about it this pha yant you can visit: http://www.suvrna.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=57_35&product_id=49

To learn more about this amulet you can visit: http://www.suvrna.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=107



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