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Ajahn Thoy Dabos

Ajahn Thoy of Wat Thong Nai is a young but powerful and renown magick master. Especially amongst foreigners he has become the Ajahn of choice but also many locals alike seek his help on a daily basis. His Samnak even on a week day has people out waiting to see him. He is renown for his SakYant skills. Sak Yant are Spiritual Tattoos renown for their very powerful spiritual effect. Sak meaning to tap or poke and Yant coming from the Sanskrit word Yantra. I have seen first-hand people going into a trance or possession while Ajahn was chanting blessing them after tattooing, honestly I don’t’ think they were faking it. I myself have felt the power of his Sak Yant and it is something that is hard to explain, except to say it was a powerful experience. For those of you that are new to Thai magick and haven’t heard of the Lersi/Reusi, let me give you a short Synopsys. Reusi is a mystical figure in Thai and Indian magick. In Sanskrit they are known as Rishi. These individuals are well kn

Ajahn Meng

The first thing that strikes me about AJ Meng is his kind and pleasant demeanour. When I visited his Samnak in June 2010 he was sitting in the middle overseeing his looksit making sakyants on devotees. AJ Meng has been studying Visha since the age of 14. He has studied from a myriad of gurus along the years. He studied Vithee Tang which includes the process of calling spirits to protect ones house, making of saney charms and other objects. AJ Meng studied Kru Lersi, Yant Nah Nah Thong and Yant Phrom See Nah according to the methods of LP Jong of Wat Nah Tang Nok and other yants according to LP Pan Wat Bang Nom Kho. LP Mee was showed AJ Meng how to collect the correct Wahn (herbs) for making powerful Khun Pean amulets. AJ Meng’s amulets are unique and known around the world to be efficacious, in simple English they work. AJ Meng’s amulets are especially well known in the areas of Charm, Sexual Attraction and Wealth & Luck Attraction including gambling luck. I rented on y

Wat Indraviharn Somdej & Takrut Jinnabunchorn

Somdej Wat Indraviharn (Wat Inn), Wat Rakhang & Wat KateChaiyo, Mass Chanted 2009 Wat Indraviharn formerly Wat BangKunProm name is one my favourite temples. This temple has an aura surrounding it that's unmistakably serene. Wat Indraviharn is an old mystrical monastery build in the late Ayutthaya period circa 1752. This temple is renown for its Somdej type of amulet. LP (Luang Phor : Venerable) Toh is synonymous with the Somdej amulet and this temple. Somdej amulets coming out of Wat Rakhang, Wat Indraviharn and Wat KateChaiyo are sought after by collectors for their intrinsic power. The process in which these amulets were created is were unique and powerful. Somdej Toh used special yant inscriptions on the powder, spells and his meditative power to create his powerful amulets. Hence Somdej Toh's amulets are renown for their power to protect, improve ones life and to bring about peace and happiness. Somdej Toh grew up at Wat Indraviharn and commissioned the large Bud